A F G A L Sitges, The Association for Gay And Lesbian Sitges

Gay Pride Sitges

The website for Gay Pride Sitges is now online. Pride takes place on the 9th to the 13th of July 2010.


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Welcome to AFGAL Sitges

AFGAL is the independent association for gays and lesbians in Sitges. Our Aim is to promote the business interests of gay owned and gay friendly businesses in Sitges, as well as assisting gays and lesbians who live in or visit Sitges with any queries or problems they may have here. Membership is open to businesses based in Sitges. Your can register your business online. Membership is also open to individuals in Sitges.


Preview - Welcome to AFGAL Sitges


We are looking for Volunteers for the Sitges Pride 2010. Everyone is welcome as your help is needed! Whether its float decoration or being a steward, performer, dancer, costume makers… join our volunteer force and help make Sitges Pride 2010 an event to remember!


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